Coalition of SDG Education Advocates for Community Inclusion

A partnership to synergize for SDG Education.

purpose statement

Recognizing the importance of SDG Education in building a new generation of global citizens and changemakers, we have formed a partnership to amplify our impact and synergize for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Our coalition covers both SDG Education inside and outside of the classroom (co-curricular opportunities). By leveraging our unique skill sets and connections, we aim to ensure that the SDGs are at the forefront of eduactional discourse.

Our Impact

As a collective, our projects are diverse: advocating SDG awareness on environmental issues, social issues, educational equity etc. We cover 70+ schools in Hong Kong and beyond as we continue to advance SDG Education (both inside and outside of the classroom).

We target SDG 4, SDG 13 and more. Most importantly, we have a focus on SDG 17 - partnership for the goals. Together, we can scale our impact.


ISSIA is a youth-led non-profit based in Hong Kong; we have 200+ members across 50+ schools. We cultivate social consciousness and build capacity to empower future changemakers, driving thought leadership as the go-to peer-to-peer hub for all things social issues.

Other Organizations in the coalition

SDGxEDU, Inquisitive Minds, EcoLusion


Reese Wong, Kadence Wong, Arthur Cheung, Zabrina Ho, Querida Lai, Vinson Chan, Rex Hau, Akkinson Kwong and more!

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